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Life makes sense while you try. Leave your comfort zone and grow up!

Intimacy coordinators, dedicated to ensuring that the shooting of erotic sequences respects both the actors and the director’s vision, mushrooming in the US and claiming that their presence is usual in any studio

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No one on the team knew her. They didn’t even understand exactly why he appeared on set. I hadn’t been hired as a director, actress, or technician. What was Amanda Blumenthal doing there? She explained it herself with a lecture for the entire team. “Our job is to ensure that there is safety and respect in the sequences of nudity, sex or intimacy, and at the same time, help the director to realize his creative vision,” she explains now. But at the time, around 2018, . …

If you could choose between an increase in salary and a reduction in the working day, what would you choose? Your happiness depends on the answer to that question.

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Success is associated with having more of everything. More stuff, more recognition, a bigger salary. And that makes sense: we’ve already talked about how much money, when used well, can help us be happy. But what about time? The stereotype of the successful person is usually linked to that of the frantic worker who barely has time to devote to the things he loves, his friendships, or his family. …

With the fall of digital currencies in recent days, many questions come to our minds. Is it still worth investing in cryptocurrencies in 2021?

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Everything that goes up falls. Would this be the ideal time to leave cryptocurrency investments out of your portfolio? Some financial market experts say no. After all, these currencies have a story, and every level has its highs and lows. But do you know what differentiates a good report from a failed story? Your persistence.

Is it still possible to invest in cryptocurrencies?

In recent days we can see that most cryptocurrencies have had . This is due to some factors around the world. On the one hand, we have China prohibiting the mining of cryptocurrencies in the country. On the other hand…

Jotting down a confidential appointment on the schedule between work meetings and visiting the dentist is just what some couples need to spice up their sex lives

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At first glance, it seems a cold and forced solution. Still, those who see how sexual encounters are reduced due to stress, because the responsibilities of the home have overwhelmed them, because of the dedication required to care for children or other family members, even for having numerous social commitments, maybe they should try it. It might surprise you.

In fact, it is one of the favorite options of sexologists for cases in which the lack of desire is not the leading cause that . The strategy is called sexual agenda and consists of looking…

Is your content strategy in place, but your results aren’t meeting your established goals? Know what to avoid to change the situation

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Is your content strategy in place, but your results aren’t meeting your established goals?

If your answer to this question is true, it’s time to rethink how you’re producing content for your site. Or how other people are doing it for your business, whether the work is being delegated or outsourced.

There are numerous reasons for this failure to happen. But, on the other hand, the good news is that you can fix these mistakes and get on the right track.

We’ll talk in this post about minor oversights in your site’s content production that can negatively affect your results.

Quantity is more than quality. Success in bed is usually measured in quantitative terms. But what would happen if we reversed the formula?

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as before or the idea of ​​spending a month of single life without erotic conquests. The amount of sex we have with others is often a kind of thermometer of success, well-being for two, and sexual satisfaction. …

In societies where sex education is an eternally pending issue, young people find in Cinema X a virtual and graphic encyclopedia to explore the world of sex

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Preventing teenagers from viewing pornography at an increasingly early age is a losing battle. Many educators and even people related to this industry advocate ​​demystifying it by talking about it. Erika Lust, director of feminist pornographic cinema, created the project , a series of resources to help parents take another step in sex conversations with their children and talk openly about pornography with them. For Lust, the mission of his initiative is to allow adults and educators to help teenagers make smart, informed decisions about pornography.

As , Nueva Pornografía…

Do you know? Ignoring the signs can fail your relation

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Mistakes are common in any relationship, but there are still those more common mistakes that can cause it to end. Do you know which are the four basic mistakes that can destroy your relationship?

1. In relationships: Staying with boys, not men

Despite having a postgraduate degree and a promising career, Sarah *, 36, has spent much of her adult life. “I have relationships with guys who haven’t taken a turn in life,” she said. Among the “children” with whom he became involved are an aspiring indebted writer, a video game addict, and a compulsive shopper. Sarah left everyone in less than a year. Why, then, the attraction…

Although everyone has stable relationships, the legendary band members enforced the motto “sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

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The Rolling Stones have enjoyed life to the fullest is evident to anyone who follows their wanderings or has read any of the books circulating about them or their ex-wives (Keith Richards’ memories, life, are incredibly revealing). …

Trying to think more petite about sex makes you think about it more

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The researcher and founder of the Israeli Sexual Health Center, Yaniv Efrati, grew up in a religious community and, over time, began to realize that among young people of their religion, Orthodox Jews, sex was seen in a more complicated way than for other people. “I noticed that many religious people are concerned with whether their sexual behavior is normal or not, he told .

In a , the researcher wanted to find out to what extent the issue was more complex among those who followed the doctrine than among those he called secular in the article published in…


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