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The name may cause distrust, but women who experience it lose their fear quickly; find out how the clitoris sucker works

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Those who have seen the Sex In The City series will most likely not forget the chapter in which Charlotte is obsessed with the fashion sex toy of the nineties: the bunny-shaped vibrator. The novelty of the device was not only to be inserted into the vagina like any dildo. It also had an appendix, in the shape of rabbit ears, created to stimulate the clitoris. It was a great revolution at the time, and now it has a replacement.

There are two significant differences between…

Verizon parted ways with its media group in favor of Apollo Global Management for $5 billion. On the list are AOL and Yahoo

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As its rivals make progress in buying media, Verizon has decided to go the opposite way: it will focus its operations on the Internet provision business.

To achieve this, the US company announced that it has decided to sell two large companies related to Internet communication, AOL and Yahoo, to Apollo Global Management.

With this sale, media brands previously under the orbit of Yahoo and AOL, such as TechCrunch, YahooFinance, and Engadget, will become part of the Apollo ecosystem.

AOL had been acquired by Verizon in 2015 for the US $4.4 billion and Yahoo in 2017 for the US $4.5…

Study shows that, in just one week, those who stop using the social network have higher levels of well-being.

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The recommendation to disconnect from social networks has existed practically since the birth of smartphones. The ease and immediacy to have access at any time, anywhere, allows users to be permanently connected and caused several forms of technological addiction: from the fear of seeing, through the network, how your friends have fun without you until the nomophobia (fear of leaving home without a cell phone). Now, a new study by concludes that, in just a week, people who stop using Facebook feel happier and less worried.

The study authors divided the 1,095 participants into two groups…

Did you know? Exercising together with your partner can raise the level of your relationship

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Perhaps the best part of a relationship is the companionship between partners. Still, there are times when the relationship starts to weaken, and you’re not quite sure what to do to get the love back on track, so what should you propose or do to get this situation started to reverse? Well, that’s what we’ll see next.

Working out with your partner can be good not only for your physical health but it is also an excellent way for you to improve your relationship. …

Although it is a reasonably moderate idea to claim that gender violence is unacceptable, holding violent men accountable sounds too many to go too far

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The experience with women who are victims of sexual harassment shows us that the decision to denounce an abuser publicly is almost always based on a single factor: “I denounced it because I had no other option because I couldn’t stand that situation anymore,” different women repeat to us every day. It is admirable how strong women are who decide to expose sexual violence and to name their aggressors. But none of us should have to be that strong. If we had a choice, we would like to live a dignified life without violence. We want to work, to walk…

The line between real and virtual sex is doomed to disappear

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In 2045, one in five young people will have sex with a robot regularly, studies say. Scientists like Dr. Ian Pearson goes even further and guarantees that, at this point, sexual intercourse between human and android (or gynoid, when they look like a woman) will be more frequent than between people.

Tomorrow’s sex will be more and more technological, but not only because humanoid dolls equipped with Artificial Intelligence will become popular. And they have sophisticated operating systems. We will also be able to caress our partner even if we are hundreds of kilometers away.

The sextech, the union between…

Do you know? The GPT-3, text production model from contextual information developed by OpenAI

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The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society is increasingly irrefutable. From algorithms capable of beating humans in the most complex games — be they classic, , or modern ones, — to methods to improve diagnostic medicine, practically all areas of knowledge have been impacted, in different ways, by these new technologies.

Not only that, but these methods and techniques have also permeated the business world, often being used by companies in processes that we are not even aware of, such as credit analysis, fraud prevention, and even cybersecurity. …

The book entered the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list and is recommended reading for all content, communication, or marketing professionals

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When we talk about Content Marketing, we think about a lot: planning, optimization, posting frequency, results. Many people forget, however, that the basis of good content is still good writing.

American author knows this. And, to teach what she learned by producing materials for different platforms in the last decades, in 2014, she launched the book Everybody Writes.

Everyone writes

The title of the book says a lot about its interior: the idea of ​​the content director is that, nowadays, everyone writes. If you answered an email or posted to Facebook recently, you can already write. Just refine it!

Neither orgasms nor position rules The only way to know the answer is to answer yes to the following question

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How many times have you asked yourself if you are good in bed? Do you think your partner is delighted, or is it pure theater? There are signs, such as intense coloring or rapid breathing, indicating that the other person is sexually satisfied. But a hundred percent? One question will clarify the puzzle. And you don’t have to answer your lover, but yourself: do you have the curiosity and confidence to talk about sex with your partners under the sheets? If so, congratulations. You are a top ten lover.

But what about orgasm? And the 50 different positions that we…

Staying away from work, friends and family can be even worse for those who suffer from an emotional disorder

How Social Isolation Impacts Those Suffering from Anxiety or Depression
How Social Isolation Impacts Those Suffering from Anxiety or Depression
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The SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 definitely does not affect only those who contracted the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Until a vaccine or medication is developed, the most effective method found by the authorities to fight the spread of the virus is the combination of hygiene and social distance measures — which, yes, saves many lives, but also disrupts the emotional health of many people.

Of course, staying away from work, friends and even family members impacts everyone. “This is a period of collective mourning in which it is necessary to reframe the needs and values ​​of…

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