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Life makes sense while you try. Leave your comfort zone and grow up!

Don’t think that you will become a wise man if you go too long without sex. On the contrary, you will become a zombie.

I’ve been a long time without cheering things up. This brought a concern to my mind: What happens to our bodies when we go a long time without having a good sexual relationship? Does some strange mutation occur in our body? Is there a risk that I will turn into a 70-year-old wise man? Or are there many myths behind this subject that end up escaping reality?

The truth is that many stories have been invented over the decades, and this has generated a lot of confusion on the subject. …

In his eyes, there is no understanding, just a dry swamp where rancor pulsates.

The end will be dreadful. But now, prepare everything with the illusion that arises from ignorance. Convince yourself that you do this for love. Tell yourself it’s the –adult, rational– way things get back on track, that listening to him come home — the thrilling noise of the key in the door, the way he opens it as if he’s afraid of running over someone in the other side — be, as it used to be, the best part of the day.

Try to remember when it started. That rude muteness which it engenders from the wee hours of the…

#2. Don’t let them put a value on your work.

Like any profession, working can be exhausting and painful. However, working with what you like can be ideal for getting away from such a routine. Still, everything can change when you realize that your beloved profession is not bringing you the desired results.

This is what happened to me at the beginning of my career as a freelancer. This may be what is affecting your performance as a professional in the field. Working as a freelancer can sometimes be demotivating, especially when you don’t see apparent results. Still, all these are just ignited that will fade over time.

For me…

Consumerism, Charity, Confident and the Capitalism… Your Finances are in Danger

Small gestures make us good Samaritans. But, unfortunately, these same small gestures can become a massive snowball of debt, thus creating your financial apocalypse.

Consumerism, charity, trust, and skepticism. Words that alone already have some impact, but they can destroy all your finances when together.

It may seem like a cliché or a scene from a famous movie that tells the life of Wall Street investors, but this is the actual truth. …

How to Win Someone Who Doesn’t Want a Serious Relationship.

Today the “staying” without commitment is the new “dating without a ring,” and, for those who still have hopes of entering into a serious relationship, this can be very discouraging. If you’re hooking up with someone who doesn’t think to make things more serious, know that the situation is quite delicate, as he probably isn’t alone with you and doesn’t want to take on the relationship either.

In fact, the status of “staying” allows people to meet each other, have sex whenever they want and, for the man, it can be a moment of pause to enjoy the freedom or…

You are in great danger when inserting vegetables and foreign objects into your vagina.

Bad girl, don’t rush into placing foreign objects inside your genital organ. The vagina is a sensitive organ and should be treated as such. You don’t know the danger you are running by inserting foreign bodies inside it.

It is a sex toy, an internal absorbent pad, or, amazingly, a giant cucumber. Inserting foreign bodies inside your vagina brings real dangers to your health that go far beyond the pain of just having such an object inside your precious genital organ.

Something that scared me while I was searching for material for this piece was that I came across a…

Financial market experts say we are in the eye of the hurricane, heading toward the most significant financial crisis in history.

Economic crises, political scandals, and several other factors will become the trigger that will lead the financial market to its collapse. It may sound like a movie scene, but that’s what we should expect in the next few years about the world economy.

“The biggest crisis in the history of the world is coming. The biggest bubble in world history is getting bigger.” said Robert Kiyosaki, bestselling author Rich Dad Poor Dad and famous financial market investor.”

And he still says more.

“The biggest crash in the history of the world is coming. The good news is that the best…

These are the moments when we can show our natural predatory instincts and reveal our sensuality.

Shoulders touch, eyes lock, and hormones go wild.

Whoever said that making love to three is not a good choice is totally wrong. After all, these are the moments when we can show our natural predatory instincts and reveal our sensuality.

We live in modern times, and the era of long dresses and nice girls is almost gone. Not that this is relevant, but times have changed, and fashion today is entirely different from 30 years ago. But that wasn’t a problem. After all, we also had our seduction tricks in those times.

However, nowadays, those contemporary seduction methods will…

Women with stretch marks, men with erectile dysfunction, saggy breasts, small penis, and many headaches explain that the porn industry only sells you dreams.

Unlike porn movies, reality tends to be disappointing for some. There is a great deal of mysticism about the stereotype presented to us through the pornographic industries, and we still don’t know how to deal with it.

Many people think that the ideal woman is the one who has a defined belly, firm breasts, and hair that is wholly groomed even when they wake up. But who really should wake up to life? Are you who think like that? After all, if you’ve reached that point, it’s likely that you’ve never slept with a woman in your life.

For those…

According to some recently released research, there is some reason behind it.

When trust is lost, nothing soothes the soul. Betrayal is the worst attack on a person’s morals; it is a stab in the back we receive from people we love dearly. It is the worst act of rebellion that can be committed against the integrity of your friend, family member, or partner.

Is there a reason why people cheat? According to the website Psychology Today, there are 8 main reasons a person can be driven to cheat on their partner. Some of them lack love, boredom, lack of attention, dissatisfaction in the relationship, anger, and even sexual desire.

Of course…


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